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2014 Clearance Sales Singapore

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Up to 70% off Clearance Items!

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Shop the latest offerings from your friendly local bikeshops and other businesses.

Bike Marketplace

Off-Road Bike Components

3,515 Ads
Groupsets, Frames, Forks, Shocks, Brakes, Rotors, Calipers, Tires, Saddles & Contact Points for Off-Road bikes and extreme...

Off-Road Complete Bikes

1,622 Ads
Complete 26", 27.5/650B, 29ers, XC, All Mountain, Enduro, Trail, BMX, Flatland, FreeRide, Downhill Bikes

Road Bike Components

2,791 Ads
All road bike components and things that are really fast

Road - Complete Bikes

1,317 Ads
All complete Road Bikes - TT, Cyclo-Cross, Tri, UCI Road, Fixies, etc.

Folding & Commuting Bike Components

502 Ads
Eg. 16" 18" 20" or 24" wheels and other bling for your Folding, Mini Velo and Commuter bikes

Folding & Commuting Complete Bikes

624 Ads
Mini Velos, Foldies, e-Bikes, Children's and all sorts of commuter bikes

All Bike Accessories

1,566 Ads
Cyclometers, Bolts,Guards, Pumps and all other accessories on the bike.

Apparel and Eyewear

1,418 Ads
Cycling wear - Helmets, Shades, Shoes, Jerseys, Tights, Warmers, etc.

General Marketplace

Other Sports Equipment

189 Ads
Non cycling related sports stuff. Jogging shoes Tennis Rackets Golf Watersports etc.

Electronics and Communications

433 Ads
Mobile Phones Camera equipment PCs Consoles Ipods and all things manly geeky


390 Ads
All other stuff that doesn t fall into any other general categories

Automotive / Motorised

87 Ads
Cars Motorbikes Accessories Tyres Rims Bodykits and all things motorised
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